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Assessment is a process that utilizes testing instruments and techniques to develop
hypotheses about an individual’s behavior, personality, and/or capabilities.
This process evaluates behavior, thinking, and learning and often includes
observations, interviews, self-report questionnaires, and consultation with other
professionals. Assessments also vary in focus, depending on the referral question
and needs of each individual. A diagnosis, i.e., depression, anxiety, and ADHD,
treatment recommendations, and appropriate referrals are provided/discussed with
the client at the conclusion of the assessment.
The following assessments can be completed with children (4 and up) and adults:

Psychodiagnostic assessments focus on behavior and personality functioning with
the purpose of gaining diagnostic clarification to identify treatment needs.
Psychoeducational assessment focuses on the behavioral and mental processes
underlying an individual’s educational and professional achievement, often leading to
recommendations to be implemented in school and/or work.
Cognitive assessment focuses specifically on intellectual functioning (IQ) and
academic achievement to determine one’s cognitive capabilities.
School evaluations assist students who struggle throughout their academic careers
due to unidentified learning challenges. Our services guide students towards
academic success, while helping them access the educational resources necessary
to reach their optimal performance. 
Hardship evaluations 
[now offered virtually] assess an individual’s mental health and daily functioning,
with the purpose of determining if psychological distress might be experienced if the
individual or a loved one is not granted US citizenship.
Custody evaluations 
[now offered virtually] are psychological evaluations appointed by the court involving
a custody procedure. Our assessments provide mental health diagnoses and
recommendations, which a judge may take into consideration when making a ruling.

Compensation & Pension Evaluations [now offered virtually] for veterans also known as service connection disability 

exams. Veterans may refer through organizations or self refer. 


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