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Gaslighting, Emotional abuse, Silence Treatment

There is nothing as severe to the human mind as torture vis a vis gaslighting, Emotional abuse and silence treatment. First, you cannot prove it. You will see mainly "hysterical" women yelling out of extreme desperation, knowing that their abuser is lying, gaslighting them, and forces them to become dependent on him. He will stonewall, silence treat, create intense parental alienation, and when you collapse, when you try to harm yourself, he will state "i cannot help you now, i am walking in the park, I will "come to clean the blood". He will then forcefully hospitalize you & after he has the police take you forecefully instead of a trusted family member, supposodely him, he will come to save you saying that he is taking a "liability" saving you and that now you need yet again to listen to him. Does this dynamic sound familiar? If it does, then you are the subject of Extreme Domestic Violence. This group is intended for victims of Extreme Emotional Domestic Violence. 

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